Adam Dubrowski, PhD
Academic History
I obtained his PhD in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo in 2001 and joined the Wilson Centre for Research and Education in 2002 as a scientist, with an Assistant Professor appointment at the University of Toronto. I worked first with the Department of Surgery and then from 2007 I was the Director of the Centre for Research in Nursing Education at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. In 2009 I joined the SickKids Learning and Research Institutes and the Department of Paediatrics and as of 2013 the Memorial University to provide leadership in the development of simulation research capacity.

In 2009 I have started a small consulting company called Health Professions Education Consulting (HPE Consulting). I have worked with a number of small (e.g., http://www.medisim.ca/) and large scale industries, academic (Boston Children's Hospital SIMPeds Program: http://simpeds.org/) and non-academic organizations in the development of research tools, projects and capacity.

Over the years my consulting philosophy has evolved from support and service, to mentorship and capacity building through coaching models. This approach builds sustainable long-term success though immediate outcomes driven by the coachee self-identified needs.

Research Interests
My research career commenced with studying factors influencing the acquisition of technical skills for surgery and particularly methods of optimizing the use of simulation in medical education and training, factors influencing retention, maintenance and transfer of skills and the validation of innovative assessment methods to measure these effects. More recently my interests have evolved to study the acquisition of complex clinical skills, behaviours and attitudes by progressively contextualizing the simulated experiences to match the learners' needs. Finally, I have begun investigating the use of virtual learning environments (e.g., educational networking and serious and educational games) as means of preparing and improving retention of skills learned in simulation.

Other Scholarship Interests
One of my passions is to apply iterative design and utilization focused program design and evaluation models to re-develop simulation programs to suit unique needs and environments where simulation is not currently practiced, such as low resource countries.
E-mail: Coach.adam@researchcoach.org
Tellephone: 1-709-330-7160