Being flexible and working with you
First and foremost we are dedicated to improvement of the quality of research in simulation. However, being a for-profit organization we need to sustain ourselves therefore we do charge for our services.

We do not have set costs, but rather operate on flexible plans based on:
1. Your needs,
2. Your status (graduate studnet, professional, etc),
3. Systems and services you may require,
4. Whether you are an individual or and institution,
5. Size of the contarct and the group/team we chaoch,
6. Duration of the commitment.

We also consider alternative options such as workign with you on grants and building our services into these grants: You get the funding, we get paid.

Please contact Coach Adam (coach.adam@researchcoach.org, 1-709-330-7160) to get started.
E-mail: Coach.adam@researchcoach.org
Tellephone: 1-709-330-7160