AX3 System Introduction
TThe system is rooted in coaching models.

Coaching is goal oriented. The focus is on concrete issues, such as managing research projects more effectively, disseminating with impact, and learning how to think strategically. This requires a content expert (coach) who is capable of teaching the coachee how to develop these skills. Our A3X System begins with needs assessment, which identifies goals that the coachee wants to achieve and this allows us to tailor the coaching process to meet these tasks and goals.

Coaching is short term. A coach can successfully be involved with a coachee for a short period of time, from few sessions to many sessions, based on the coachee needs. The coaching lasts for as long as is needed, depending on the purpose of the coaching relationship. The A3X System is tailored to deliver initial broad research skills during an accelerator course, and refine them based on predefined goals (also referred to as milestones).

Coaching is performance driven. The purpose of coaching is to improve the individual's performance on the job. This involves either enhancing current skills or acquiring new skills. Once the coachee successfully acquires the skills, the coach is no longer needed. Typically A3X System is tailored around a specific project, such as a single study and it works best if the coach and coachee work side by side from the conception to completion of the project.

Coaching does not require design. Coaching can be conducted almost immediately on any given topic. If an organization seeks to provide coaching to a large group of individuals (we limit to 10 participants), then certain amount of design is involved in order to determine the group's competency levels and expertise needed. The A3X System's assessment tools will be used to determine the group's collective competency, and short consultation with the organization leads will determine the expertise needed.

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